Command-and-Control (C2) Platform

AI-powered flightline OS for aircraft ground handling operations

Rapidly-deployable automated system supporting various aircraft mission requirements

NOVA is an integrated software + IoT platform designed to automate flightline logistics & streamline aircraft turnaround management

Tactical Agility

Improve aircraft availability with automated flightline task scheduling & dispatching

Increased Mission Readiness

Position airmen & equipment in real-time according to scheduled & unscheduled mission changes

Base Cluster Expandability

Modular system scalable to main operating bases, forward operating bases, naval air bases

Improved Asset Utilization

Quantify AGE utility and proactively optimize fleet allocation in real-time to increase flight punctuality

Airmen Safety & Accident Prevention

Declutter the ramp by dynamically positioning AGE to reduce risk of foreign object damage (FOD) & accidents

Enhanced Flightline Visualization

Improve ramp safety with map-based airside visualizations of AGE & aircraft to avoid blind spots

Intelligently pair airmen, aircraft, and AGE to efficiently service flights


NOVA’s proprietary optimizer fuses real-time flight data, vehicle & AGE telemetry, and ground crew tasks to generate optimal aircraft service missions in real-time

Automate airmen scheduling & dispatching according to real-time flight plans

Assign AGE to flightline stands using asset location, availability, and aircraft compatibility constraints

Quickly and proactively position crew & assets for service with map-based smart airside routing

Track and visualize live interactions between AGE & aircraft, and monitor potential airside conflicts

Compile granular data on crew turnaround punctuality, AGE fleet performance, and flightline service duration

Seamlessly & securely communicate with airmen, pilots, and crew chiefs through a centralized interface for collaborative flightline decision-making

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