Onboard autonomy stack for point-to-point navigation, localized path-planning, & collision avoidance


Full 360º sensor coverage with built-in redundancy to detect & avoid obstacles, aircraft wing/tail strikes


Safely taxi aircraft with an engine-off operation to reduce energy consumption and increase range


Minimize expensive ground handling-related incidents/accidents through perfect repeatability.Reduce ramp agent workload
Over-the-air (OTA) updates enable frequent optimization of vertiport ground operations built on our proprietary algorithms. Moonware's cloud-based fleet management network efficiently streamlines autonomous vehicle movements for a determined airfield use case, pulling real-time location data from each vehicle and integrating with the existing databases and cloud infrastructures of service providers
Our vehicle incorporates a novel and patented mechanism that leverages the weight of an aircraft’s front nose gear to generate the necessary torque for tugging operations. This also allows our vehicle to accommodate different landing gear configurations and minimize landing gear structural fatigue when compared to existing clamping or pin-latch mechanisms.

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