Moonware was founded with the belief that multimodal air transportation will become the prime mover of people and goods during the 21st Century. From eVTOLs ferrying passengers between cities and suburban areas, to supersonic aircraft and suborbital flights shaving travel time between continents, we are ushering in a new air and space age that will further globalize humanity.

As builders hailing from top Silicon Valley tech companies and established aviation industry players, we are leveraging years of product development experience in aerospace, automotive, and robotics with the mission to enable this next generation of aerial mobility.

Moonware team

Alex Freund

Head of Software

Saunon Malekshahi

Co-founder & CTO
Philipp Haban

Philipp Haban

Head of Design
Javier Vidal

Javier Vidal

Founder & CEO

Timothy Brandt

Lead iOS Engineer
Daniel Gruver

Daniel Gruver

Head of Autonomy

Audrey MacLeod

Marketing Coordinator
Matt Derkach

Matt Derkach

Head of Product

Jordan Frohlinger

Head of Partnerships

Emanuele Pagani

Head of UX

Eva Baczynska

Head of Marketing

Kevin Lo

Lead Android Engineer

Mahir Piyarali

Full-Stack Engineer
Jalen Doherty

Jalen Doherty

Head of Strategy

Grant Lee

Lead Web Engineer

Our advisors


Oscar Munoz

Oscar Munoz is the former CEO and Chairman of United Airlines, becoming the first Latino to run a major US carrier in 2015. Facing the combined challenges of a stalled merger with Continental Airlines, dismal operational performance, and financial challenges, Oscar set to work turning around the world’s largest carrier with an innovative ‘employee-first’ strategy. Within five years United achieved top-tier reliability and profits, winning back customer loyalty and earning the praise of its major union leaders.

Over a remarkable career, Oscar served in various financial leadership positions across diverse industries, including U.S. West, AT&T, Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, and as President and Chief Operating Officer of the North American rail-based transportation supplier CSX Corp. He currently serves on multiple boards of directors, including at Salesforce, CBRE, TelevisaUnivision, and Archer Aviation.

In addition to his service to the Pentagon’s Defense Business Board, he is a trustee of the University of Southern California and the Brookings Institution, as well as an independent trustee for Fidelity and a CNBC Contributor. Now he is the author of the Wall Street Journal best-selling memoir, Turnaround Time: Uniting an Airline and its Employees in the Friendly Skies, published in May 2023.


Nico Buchholz

Nico Buchholz is an accomplished executive in global aerospace and mobility with over 30 years of experience in aeronautical engineering and management. He currently serves as an advisor to various aerospace companies and startups worldwide, focusing on sustainable mobility initiatives. Nico is also a mentor at Hamburg's Sustainable Aero Lab, supporting innovations in decarbonizing aviation through sustainable fuels, hydrogen, electrification, and new designs.

Previously, Nico served as the EVP of aircraft procurement, and oversaw fleet management, trading, and strategy for the Lufthansa Group. Nico has managed fleet strategies across more than 10 airlines, holding pivotal roles with JetBlue and Air New Zealand. He also served on the boards of major manufacturers such as Airbus, Bombardier, and Rolls-Royce. He recently served as Chief Commercial Officer at Deutsche Aircraft.

Prior to his current roles, Nico contributed significantly to fleet restructuring and the development of modern aircraft technologies, influencing the adoption of economically and ecologically advantageous aviation solutions. He is also a member and cofounder of the Flightlevel 500 network, working with financing organizations and the OEM world.


Charles Duncan

Charles Duncan is an expert in commercial aviation. He currently serves as the Executive Advisor to Norse Atlantic Airways, following a term as its president in 2023. He also advises AltitudeX, a boutique investment group focused on aviation, and teaches an MBA course in Operations Strategy at the University of North Carolina’s Kenan Flagler School of Business.

Charles spent five years at WestJet, during which he led the company’s ultra low cost carrier (ULCC) Swoop, acted as President of WestJet’s regional airline Encore, and served as Chief Strategy Officer. Prior to WestJet, Charles spent seven years at United Airlines. There, he managed United’s hub at O’Hare and was responsible for overseeing United’s Technical Operations team, handling hundreds of projects, including the launch of the Polaris business class seat. He also represented United in the $10 billion A++ Joint Venture with Lufthansa and Air Canada.

Charles also worked for Continental Airlines, including 13 years based in Asia. His roles included Revenue Management, Pricing, Network Planning, and Sales. Charles was a key member of the leadership team who oversaw Continental Micronesia, the Guam-based subsidiary which connected ten cities in Japan with Guam, as well as connecting Guam with Micronesian islands, Hawaii, and other parts of Asia.

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