Moonware was founded with the belief that multimodal air transportation will become the prime mover of people and goods during the 21st Century. From eVTOLs ferrying passengers between cities and suburban areas, to supersonic aircraft and suborbital flights shaving travel time between continents, we are ushering in a new air and space age that will further globalize humanity.

As builders hailing from top Silicon Valley tech companies and the aviation industry, we are leveraging years of product development experience in aerospace, automotive, and robotics with the mission to enable this next generation of aerial mobility.

Moonware team

Matt Derkach

Matt Derkach

Head of Product

Eva Baczynska

Head of Marketing
Philipp Haban

Philipp Haban

Head of Design

Saunon Malekshahi

Co-founder & CTO

Kevin Lo

Lead Android Engineer

Mahir Piyarali

Full-Stack Engineer
Javier Vidal

Javier Vidal

Founder & CEO

Alex Freund

Head of Software

Timothy Brandt

Lead iOS Engineer

Emanuele Pagani

Head of UX

Audrey MacLeod

Marketing Coordinator
Daniel Gruver

Daniel Gruver

Head of Autonomy
Jalen Doherty

Jalen Doherty

Head of Strategy

Jordan Frohlinger

Head of Partnerships

Grant Lee

Lead Web Engineer

Our investors

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