We are building the ecosystem to automate ground operations for the passenger, cargo, defense and advanced air mobility sectors. Our flagship product, HALO, is the world’s first Ground Traffic Control platform powered by AI, delivering faster turnarounds, reduced block times, minimized delays, higher flight throughput, and maximized asset utility. Moonware’s vision is to create fully connected & intelligent airfields that handle aircraft autonomously from touchdown to takeoff, enabling the next generation of air transportation.


Turnaround time reduction


Delay reduction


Efficiency increase

The Moonware difference

No cameras required

HALO does not require cameras or additional airport infrastructure to operate. The software leverages telematics data using proprietary trackers installed on Ground Support Equipment (GSE).

Elevated airfield awareness

HALO enables ramp operations teams to visualize and control their airfield in real time. This includes allocation of staff and equipment, important status updates, and communication.

Automated turnarounds

HALO dispatches ground crew and vehicles according to real-time changes in flight schedules, proactively handling last-minute disruptions to ensure maximum resource efficiency.

Performance metrics

HALO digitizes and records airside activity and GSE interaction performance, including time stamped events. This information removes bottlenecks and improves turnaround punctuality.

Complete operating picture

HALO offers an interactive common operating picture to ensure operational success on the ramp, unlike multiple uncoordinated legacy systems, cameras and analog methods.

Rapid implementation

HALO operates independently of legacy systems and traditional software integrations. Its design as a standalone system allows for seamless implementation in as quickly as 1 week.



Moonware is building an ecosystem for complete airfield autonomy, combining software and autonomous vehicles. Autonomous GSE will be powered by our software, to complete ‘last-mile’ turnaround operations, including fueling, baggage handling, catering, and lavatory services. The synchronization between hardware and software will ensure that all airfield activities will be coordinated, offering a centralized system of command and communication.

No, our software fuses multiple data streams together to enhance efficiency in servicing flights, rather than stopping at telematics. While IoT is integrated into HALO, our product enables operators to control, monitor, and make crucial decisions for their airfield operations.

No. Moonware currently adopts a usage-based business model with no upfront implementation or pay-per-user costs. We offer the most scalable and cost-efficient solution on the market to support mutual growth. For more information about sales, please contact our team.