Moonware is building an integrated ecosystem of AI software and smart vehicles that collaborate between aircraft, ground support equipment and personnel to efficiently service flights.

Our value proposition is simple: Reduce delays, accidents and fuel costs by improving ground asset utilization and human workload.

Asset Utilization

Maximizing GSE fleet utility by dynamically scheduling and dispatching vehicles to service gates airport-wide

Accident Prevention

Reducing ground handling-related incidents/accidents due to rudimentary human operations through perfect repeatability

Human Safety

Alleviating ramp operator workload minimizes accident risks through automated processes and enables safer operations

Delay Minimization

Improving agent-based coordination through real-time GSE asset tracking and visualization, achieving faster turnaround times

Fuel Savings

Eliminating excessive fuel burn during the taxi-out and taxi-in phases using autonomous vehicles

Emissions Reduction

Minimizing aircraft fuel consumption to meet FAA & EASA’s 2050 goal of cutting carbon emissions by 50%

Our integrated systems holistically solve these problems through a unified process, decreasing ground handling interfaces and hence the number of disruptions. This brings safety, speed and reliability to the ground handling ecosystem and ultimately lowers operating costs with the potential to save airlines more than $30B every year. Digital & sustainable airsides provide:- Reduced fuel costs & emissions- Faster turnarounds- Maximized asset utility- Improved safety