The first autonomous vehicle purposely built for AAM

ATLAS is an autonomous & electric towing vehicle designed to enhance the efficiency of airfield taxiing operations, particularly for electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (eVTOL) aircraft. Powered by HALO, it is dispatched based on real-time data, considering factors like availability, charge level, and location, among others. Onboard the vehicle, a diverse suite of sensors help power autonomous capabilities such as airside navigation, path planning, and collision avoidance. Featuring a Precision Alignment algorithm using Computer Vision, it accurately aligns with and attaches to the aircraft’s front landing gear. After coupling, ATLAS follows a trajectory commanded by HALO, dynamically adjusting for traffic and other obstacles on the surface. It stops at specific markings for aircraft release, providing flexibility for turnaround or detachment at the Final Approach and Takeoff Area (FATO). The integration of these features enhances efficiency, safety, and reliability at vertiports, marking a significant advancement in airfield management.