Higher Operator Profitability

HALO is designed to easily track, coordinate & dispatch GSE


Obtain real-time situational awareness of vehicles, aircraft, and personnel alike.

Automate scheduling, dispatching and routing optimization for all types of ground support equipment.

Collect vital ground movement data and fleet performance metrics.

Visualize airside activity, monitor potential conflicts, and seamlessly coordinate between ramp teams, pilots, and managers.

Improve flight throughput and reduce turnaround times.

Increase GSE asset utilization by dynamically assigning vehicles to service flights.

Maximize aircraft and gate utilization.


Turnaround Optimization

- Higher throughput and fewer delays- Automate operations to reduce ramp agent workload- Improve ground coordination


Improve Asset Utilization

- Reduce aircraft and GSE fleet size- Growth without extra CAPEX lowers unit costs- Increased gate & aircraft availability minimizes incidents


Advance to carbon neutrality

- Reduce fuel burn & engine use- Mitigate acoustic footprint- Reach 2050 carbon-neutral goals

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