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AI-powered Ground Traffic Control

Beat on-time performance targets, reduce turnaround times and increase flight throughput

HALO is an integrated software + IoT platform designed to streamline aircraft turnaround management

Turnaround Time Reduction

Meet and beat on-time performance targets by 3-7 minutes with automated task scheduling and dispatching for ground crew

Delay Minimization

Update ground crew tasks in real time with last-minute schedule changes & gate assignments and optimally allocate GSE to mitigate potential delays by 20%

Route Growth

Enable daily route expansion by 2% across your airport hubs thanks to faster turnarounds and minimized delays at a network scale

Improved Asset Utilization

Quantify GSE utility and proactively optimize fleet allocation in real time to increase flight punctuality

Crew Safety & Accident Prevention

Improve ramp agent safety with map-based airside visualization to avoid blind spots, and declutter the ramp by dynamically positioning GSE to reduce risk of foreign object damage (FOD)

Reduced Fuel Emissions & Costs

Reduce GSE vehicle fuel emissions by 30% through smart airfield routing and decreased turnaround idling time

Intelligently pair ground crew, aircraft, and GSE to efficiently service flights


HALO’s proprietary optimizer fuses real-time flight data, vehicle & GSE telemetry, and ground crew tasks to generate optimal aircraft service missions in real-time

Automate ground crew scheduling & dispatching according to real-time flight plans

Assign GSE to desired ramp activities using asset location, availability, and aircraft compatibility constraints

Quickly and proactively position crew & assets for service with map-based smart airside routing

Track and visualize live interactions between GSE & aircraft, and monitor potential airside conflicts

Compile granular data on crew turnaround punctuality, GSE fleet performance, and individual turnaround process durations

Seamlessly & securely communicate with ramp teams, pilots, and turnaround managers through a centralized interface for collaborative airside decision-making

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