Smooth and secure air travel relies on efficient airport ground operations, yet outdated software tools struggle to keep up with today’s industry demands. While several market players have appeared in recent years, they fail to provide effective solutions, instead building infrastructure-heavy products that are burdened by high costs and complex setup requirements.

Traditionally, airfield operations—such as crew scheduling, resource allocation, alerting, telematics, flight tracking, and metrics—are handled by multiple disjointed systems. This fragmentation not only complicates the integration process but also creates layers of complexity in scheduling, planning, and conflict resolution during live operations. One of the key insights that led Moonware to develop HALO was the realization that major carriers and ground handlers are burdened by these siloed and costly systems. Each system operates independently, offering data that, while valuable on its own, needs to be merged across various domains to effectively identify and resolve operational conflicts swiftly.

Moonware’s HALO is the first and only comprehensive solution that addresses these issues, introducing the concept of Ground Traffic Control (GTC). It not only monitors the airfield, but also provides efficient control and coordination. Here’s how HALO stands out in optimizing airfield operations, creating and defining a new category in ground operations.


Aircraft Servicing Operations

Moonware’s HALO: The Complete Solution

Moonware’s HALO integrates all of the essential elements for effective ground control into one cohesive platform. By consolidating resource allocation, telematics, and communication into a centralized system, HALO enables more efficient management of ground support equipment and personnel. Additionally, HALO enhances operational clarity and responsiveness through advanced flight tracking, real-time alerts, and precise time-stamping. The platform also streamlines crew scheduling by aligning staff availability with flight schedules on-demand, reducing downtime and improving workforce efficiency. Moreover, HALO provides comprehensive performance metrics, offering actionable insights for punctuality targets and other areas for improvement.

HALO exemplifies a unified approach to Ground Traffic Control (GTC), ensuring optimal deployment and resource allocation, improved data flow between operational teams, and enhanced coordination across all ground activities. By centralizing various functionalities, HALO eliminates the need for multiple disparate systems, simplifying the technological landscape at airfields and driving significant improvements in efficiency and communication.


HALO intelligent Ground Traffic Control (GTC)

Moonware’s Approach 

Unified Platform Across Devices: HALO is universally accessible—via mobile phones for ramp agents, tablets for turnaround managers, and desktop computers for station managers. This contrasts with other systems that offer limited accessibility or require different software tools for different roles, thereby complicating the user experience and team integration.

Empowering All Airfield Personnel: HALO democratizes airfield awareness by providing every member of the ground crew with real-time access to critical operational data. This inclusivity is a departure from systems that typically empower only specific roles within airfield operations, neglecting the broader potential of fully informed teams.

Proactive and Predictive Operations: Leveraging advanced AI, HALO anticipates potential needs and enables proactive management of resources and personnel. This approach stands in contrast to other systems that are reactive or static, which are less effective in streamlining operations and reducing delays.

Software-Centric Solution: Unlike other solutions which rely on costly and cumbersome physical infrastructure, Moonware’s HALO is a software-based solution. This approach enables rapid, low cost implementation, significantly reducing both initial setup and maintenance expenses while providing comprehensive airfield awareness.

Streamlined Communication: HALO streamlines airfield operations by automatically creating group chats for crew members servicing the same flight, facilitating direct and immediate communication. This contrasts with legacy systems and industry newcomers that rely on non-integrated communication systems, resulting in delays and inefficiencies. By centralizing communications on a single platform, HALO ensures all team members stay informed and coordinated, enhancing overall operational responsiveness.

Metrics and Reporting: HALO offers an in-depth view into flight servicing activities through integrated performance metrics and detailed reporting. This feature provides ramp and station managers with critical data and operational insights, enabling continuous improvement in flight servicing operations. By identifying and aggregating data, HALO helps airfield personnel implement proactive solutions, ensuring all stakeholders have the information necessary for optimized airport operations.


Setting a New Standard

Overall, Moonware’s HALO is uniquely positioned to transform airfields, defining a new category in airport ground operations as Ground Traffic Control. By delivering a comprehensive, unified platform that minimizes complexity and cost, HALO addresses the limitations faced by other market players and sets a new standard for efficiency. As the only solution of its kind, HALO signifies a major leap in industry modernization, offering a seamless and integrated approach to the future of air travel.