Moonware, an aviation tech company specializing in automated airfield operations, has announced the launch of their flagship product, HALO, at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) with Aerocharter USA, a leading ground handler and subsidiary of the largest ground handler in Mexico.

Moonware and Aerocharter teams at LAX. Courtesy of Moonware.

This partnership marks the introduction of Moonware’s technology with a ground handler, signaling an important step forward in enhancing airfield operational efficiency. The deployment of HALO at LAX aims to improve aircraft turnaround times through dynamic task coordination, equipment allocation, and comprehensive situational awareness for ground crews.

HALO uses advanced AI and real-time data analytics to adjust to changing schedules, ensuring effective resource allocation and smooth transitions between operations. This technology replaces traditional communication methods and manual monitoring, aiming to reduce aircraft downtime, optimize gate utilization, and decrease airfield congestion.

The collaboration between Moonware and Aerocharter USA at LAX reflects a mutual commitment to operational excellence and the advancement of automated ground handling solutions. Moonware brings to this partnership a team with experience in leading technology and aviation sectors, aiming to provide innovative solutions for airport operations.

Javier Vidal, CEO of Moonware, commented on the partnership: “Working with Aerocharter to implement HALO at their LAX hub demonstrates the adaptability and potential of our technology to meet the specific needs of the broader ground handling industry.”

Moonware’s HALO Ground Traffic Control platform. Courtesy of Moonware.

Luis Ramos, CEO of Aerocharter, stated: “Our objectives to enhance efficiency and reliability are very much aligned with Moonware’s. Their technology enables us to streamline our ground handling processes, directly benefiting our service delivery.”

This partnership underscores the shared vision of Aerocharter and Moonware for improving the efficiency and sustainability of ground handling operations through technological innovation.

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About Moonware
Moonware is a venture-backed startup enabling the next generation of aerial mobility with automated and sustainable airfields. The company is building an integrated ecosystem of AI software and smart vehicles that optimally connect ground crew, aircraft and ground support equipment to efficiently service flights. Moonware’s vision is to handle aircraft fully autonomously from touchdown to takeoff, providing seamless aircraft turnarounds for a streamlined airport experience.

About Aerocharter USA
Aerocharter USA is a white glove service in Los Angeles offering premium handling for the international and domestic airline industry. They provide VIP above and below wing services for cargo and passenger operators, sports teams, and heads of state. Aerocharter is considered an innovative “One Stop Shop” company, which adapts in a timely manner to the changes that the aviation industry faces every day, allowing them to provide comprehensive high-quality services to any airline. “Ground Handling, reimagined. Customer Service, redefined. We’ve got the ground covered”.

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