Moonware To Launch Automated Airfields with $2.5M Pre-Seed Financing

We’re excited to announce that Moonware has raised over $2 million in our first round of financing. This funding will support our mission to enable next-generation air travel with groundbreaking technology, starting with the world’s first Ground Traffic Control platform, powered by AI.

In recent years, mass delays and canceled flights have plagued the industry and disrupted logistics across the globe. As air travel emerges from post-pandemic recovery, the industry is now grappling with staff shortages, near-miss incidents, and a host of other challenges, instigated by archaic tools incapable of addressing the modern demand for commercial flight. While in-flight experiences have evolved technologically, back-end operational systems have remained stagnant. Moonware stands poised to offer a transformative solution to the industry’s operational inefficiencies with our disruptive technology, bridging this gap to reshape the aviation industry.

Moonware’s flagship product, HALO, is a revolutionary airside OS set to transform aviation ground operations. By leveraging real-time flight data and issuing automated dispatches, HALO intelligently navigates ground crew throughout the airfield, all while delivering performance metrics and predictive analytics to enable truly automated aircraft handling from touchdown to takeoff.


The technology applies to the passenger aviation, cargo aviation, advanced air mobility, and military/defense markets. It enables seamless coordination between ground crew, vehicles, and aircraft to optimally service flights, reducing aircraft turnaround times and increasing airfield throughput.

“The aviation industry is long overdue for a technological overhaul, and Moonware is here to lead the way,” said Javier Vidal, CEO of Moonware. “With the support and confidence of our investors, we are excited to transform the aviation industry’s outdated systems with our innovative AI-powered technology.”

Moonware’s first round of financing was led by Third Prime, a renowned early-stage venture capital firm investing in industrial and financial technology, with participation from Zero Infinity Partners, The House Fund, Lorimer Ventures, Plug and Play, and several strategic angel investors. 

Third Prime General Partner Mike Kim shared his thoughts on Moonware’s vision: “Moonware’s novel approach to aviation ground operations aligns perfectly with our thematic focus around industrial automation and digitization. We recognize the need for intelligent solutions in the industry, and Moonware has the potential to set new standards across network efficiency, reliability, and sustainability. We are excited to be part of Moonware’s journey and look forward to the positive impact it will have on the aviation sector and beyond.”

We believe that, with the advent of cutting-edge technology, society is at the beginning of a new jet age that will integrate air travel into individuals’ daily routines. “From air taxis that facilitate daily commutes to supersonic travel that will significantly reduce travel time across continents, enabling these new modes of air travel will require innovation from the ground up,” said Saunon Malekshahi, CTO of Moonware.

With this fundraise, we’ve been augmenting research & development efforts and expanding our talented team. Moonware is now gearing up to launch its groundbreaking technology in partnership with several major airline partners this year. The new capital solidifies our position as a frontrunner to tackle industry challenges head-on and propel the aviation industry toward a future with intelligent and sustainable airfields.

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