At Moonware, we're forging a path into the future of air transportation, where automated and sustainable airfields are the backbone of global connectivity. Our roadmap sets a course through this new era.

Phase I

Digital foundations

Today, we are actively collaborating with airlines, cargo carriers, ground handlers, and airports to upgrade their existing systems. We have successfully launched HALO, our AI-powered Ground Traffic Control platform, purposely built to streamline aircraft turnarounds. At its core, HALO leverages real-time data to dynamically orchestrate airside operations, ensuring optimal resource allocation and a new dimension of operational control.

Phase II

Augmentative autonomy

In this phase, we will leverage the data and experience gained from our initial deployments to explore autonomous ramp services. We will focus on high-demand sectors such as military airfields and Advanced Air Mobility, tailoring our automated ground service solutions to their unique operational needs.

Phase III

Autonomous airfields

At this point, we will transition into a fully integrated autonomous ground service provider. We aim to implement autonomous vehicles and systems, powered by our software, to manage all aspects of ground operations. This will include engine-off taxiing, reducing fuel consumption and emissions, thus enhancing the efficiency of aircraft movements on the ground.

Phase IV

Enabling future flight

In the final phase, we will adapt our technologies and services to support the evolving needs of next-generation aircraft, including autonomous and electric models. Our focus will be on developing sophisticated surface management systems capable of handling diverse operational requirements, ensuring that airfields remain at the cutting edge of aviation technology.

Moonware is committed to advancing the aviation industry through these strategic initiatives, aiming to deliver tangible benefits in efficiency, sustainability, and operational excellence. Join us in building the technologies that will enable the next generation of aerial mobility.