The worlds first Ground Traffic Control platform, powered by AI

HALO is Moonware’s flagship offering, a first-of-its-kind AI-powered Ground Traffic Control software platform built to streamline aircraft turnarounds. Accessible through mobile and web apps, HALO provides operational control to ground crew and operations teams, offering an intuitive interface and advanced features for comprehensive airside management.

At its core, HALO utilizes real-time data to dynamically allocate resources and reduce turnaround times. As a plug-and-play solution, it seamlessly integrates with existing airport operations unifying communication and workflows. HALO stands out as an unprecedented, adaptable, and efficient solution for airside needs, enhancing overall operational performance.

HALO for

Offers features like real-time alerts. Agents stay informed about tasks, flight schedules, gate changes, and equipment locations. This ensures timely and effective response to dynamic airport demands. The platform's intuitive design enables ramp agents to perform their roles with efficiency and coordination.

Provides a real-time map view and vehicle management system enabling efficient coordination of ground support equipment and staff. With features tailored to ramp-specific challenges, such as service records and instant alerts, HALO streamlines workflows and increases ramp efficiency.

Includes a comprehensive global view of flight schedules, staff management, vehicle tracking, and performance metrics, accessible through a centralized interface. By integrating these tools, HALO empowers station managers to optimize turnaround times, enhanced team coordination, and improved airside operations.

Brings a global view of turnaround operations taking place across all stations. Access key operational metrics, offering insights into efficiency, staff performance, and resource allocation in one place.

Enables strategic decision making for fleet & networking planning, informed by holistic insights on global turnaround operations, critical trends and developments across the flight network.


HALO utilizes 3rd-party flight information, streamed in real time, to provide live updates including schedules, delays, cancellations, and gate changes, as well as relevant aircraft movement & position metadata. The live data also powers many features in our software, such as dynamic task allocation of GSE and crew.

Moonware deploys proprietary tracking systems on vehicles. These trackers continuously stream vehicle location data to HALO, which is displayed to end users and further processed to power other features. This enables customers to quickly pinpoint equipment and appropriately allocate resources accordingly.

HALO is designed to operate seamlessly alongside existing platforms, without requiring complex integrations. Its independent system architecture allows HALO to provide complementary support rather than replacing or merging with existing technology, minimizing disruptions and eliminating the need for overhauls or compatibility adjustments.

Moonware’s software is primarily app-based, making it highly accessible, user-friendly and quick to implement through downloading the app and instrumenting the vehicle fleet with Moonware trackers. Our solution has been intentionally architectured for minimal system integration or additional airfield infrastructure, taking less than 1 week to go live.