Emanuele Pagani

Originally from Italy, Emanuele is a design leader with a wealth of experience spanning over two decades. After starting his career founding a digital agency that focused on marketing, brand, and web design, his expertise now lies in steering organizations towards the creation and upkeep of design products and systems, as well as molding their brand, product, and marketing strategies. Emanuele’s true passion lies in the art of developing modern, user-centered products that evoke delight. He spent the previous years working at Uber, Kittyhawk, Google and others to meticulously research, ideate, design, and prototype with the aim of consistently delivering extraordinary experiences to clients and end-users alike. Emanuele believes that Moonware has the potential to revolutionize the way aviation ground operations are handled, paving the way for a better future, starting with airports.

TitleHead of UXPreviously atGoogle, Uber, KittyhawkLinkedIn Profilewww.linkedin.com